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Nail Shape : Oval

 Forma OVAL / Unghii cu forma ovala
Forma ovala este una destul de populara, fiind o forma comoda ce tinde a nu se agata atat de usor ca unghiile cu o forma patrata.
Unghiile cu forma ovala sunt comune intre persoanele cu un pat unghial lung, perfect.
Cel mai adesea acest tip de unghie are un aspect natural si se poarta la o lungime scurta-medie. 
Personal, o consider o forma curata, feminina si usor de adaptat pentru femeia moderna si activa.
Unghiile cu forma ovala sunt foarte curbate in partea libera a unghiei si se pot purta cu lac, french sau Nail Art, ca toate unghiile naturale sau tehnice.
In cazul unghiilor false construite sub o forma ovala, acestea se recomanda persoanelor cu pat unghial scurt, adaptandu-se degetelor de lungime medie sau lungi.

 Nota: Acest text reprezinta opinia mea personala vis-a-vis de formele unghiilor false.
Imi rezerv dreptul de autor pentru fotografii si text! Acestea nu pot fi copiate/ repostate fara acordul meu!


Oval Shape / Oval shaped-nails

Oval shape is quite popular as a convenient form that tends not to pick up the fabrics as easily as the nails with a square shape.
Oval nails are common among people with long, perfect nail beds.
Most often this type of nail has a natural look and looks very good in a short-medium length.
Personally, I consider clean, feminine shape and easy to adapt for the modern and active woman.
Oval nails are curved in the free edge and can be worn with nail lacquer, French or Nail Art, like all natural or technical nails .
Like an example, you can do a nail enhancement with an oval shape for a customer with short nail bed, adapting the length to their fingers fingers.

Note: This text is my personal opinion about the nail shapes. I reserve the copyright of the photos and text! They may not be copied / re-posted without my permission!

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